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How thick is  your Jewel Stone?

My customers always ask me, how thick is my Jewel Stone? The thickness of  my Jewel Stone application varies, and is always determined by the natural slope of the area that i am resurfacing. I generally start of with a  minimum thickness of 1/2 inch on flat surfaces and 1 inch on vertical surface.  If there is a water flow issue then i will go up to an inch and a half.  My Jewel Stone applications are designed with a realistic view of natural stone in mind, this is the reason why i use more than is required in a lot of my applications.  Whether its a 1/3 inch or an inch and a half, Jewel Stone can beautify your plain concrete porch, walkways our even your garage floor. The durability and uniqueness of this material makes it ideal for many concrete resurfacing needs.


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