Poured Concrete Retaining Wall GTA

Retaining Wall

Wall Cap

Concrete Retaining Wall

This concrete retaining wall was hand poured and took 5 days to complete. On day one of the project i excavated the area down to 4 ft, the soil was mostly clay so it was hard digging. On day two i poured the footings, footings are essential when constructing these type of wall, if you don’t have a good stable footing the wall can come tumbling down. Typically my footings are about 24″ wide and 6″ depth, i like a wide footing base because it make the wall more stable and allot easier to frame. On day 3 i framed the wall with concrete from ply. Day 4  i poured the concrete, day 5  we stripped the from and reform and poured the cap.

Side View


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